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In Today’S World, We Have A Huge Database That We All Refer

In today’s world, we have a huge database that we all refer to as the internet. So many things can be found on the internet such as how to walk your dog or how to fix your broken TV. There are several networks on the internet that many teenagers use to communicate with each other or to simply talk about their day. These networks are known as social media networks, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. On many of these social media networks, there are many issues involving the privacy of their users. Occasionally, users may find that someone has hacked their account and is posting false information or that somebody is trying to â€Å"catfish† them. The term catfish can be defined as a person who uses someone else’s identity, or creates their†¦show more content†¦Gonchar states, â€Å"Three-quarters said they approved of the government’s tracking phone records of Americans suspected of terrorist activity. Nearly the same number approved of the Un ited States’ monitoring the Internet activities of people living in foreign countries† (Gonchar 6). Based on another article published on a website titled Monthly Review, Lauren Regan talks about some ways on how the government could surveillance electronic communications. â€Å"Email messages can be intercepted and then reformatted to be sent to the intended recipient or someone else altogether†, Regan explained. With this being said, Lee Rainie and Mary Madden wrote an article designed to display some of the feedback from their surveys they conducted to several Americans. In the survey â€Å"Americans are divided in their concerns about government surveillance of digital communications†, 17% of Americans said they are â€Å"very concerned† about government surveillance of Americans’ data and electronic communication; 35% say they are â€Å"somewhat concerned†; 33% say they are â€Å"not very concerned† and 13% say they are â⠂¬Å"not at all† concerned about the surveillance (Rainie/ Madden 4). These surveys do show that the majority of the survey - takers feel that their privacy is being invaded by government surveillance but there is no possible way that we can determine that the statistics are accurate because Rainie and Madden did not specify what group of Americans took part in thisShow MoreRelatedAnalyzing How Big Data Analytics Is Used For Today s Data Driven World Essay948 Words   |  4 Pagestroduction Every day, we produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. 90% of all data in the world was produced in the past two years. Data has been around forever; we have always gathered information. Paleolithic cavemen recorded their activities by carving them in stone or notching them in sticks. Egyptians used hieroglyphics to record significant events in history. The Library of Alexandria was home to half-a-million scrolls of the ancient world. Less than hundred years ago, we used punch cards to recordRead MoreImportance Of IT757 Words   |  4 Pagessoftware, and networks for the processing and distribution of data. â€Å"IT† includes hardware and software both together used to perform required functions. All electronic devises which record and store information comes under IT. IT can also refer to the methods, mechanisms and principles of usage and storage of data. Business applications include database, email and also web servers like Microsoft IIS or Apache. Variety of software tools involves various operating systems and their related applicationsRead MoreComparison of Database Management System and Information Retrieval System1223 Words   |  5 Pages 1.A) Differentiate between database management system and information retrieval system by focusing on their functionalities. Database Management System or DBMS or short, is a set of computer programs that are responsible for creating, editing, deleting and generally maintain a database or a collection of data records. database management system is determined by the database system. The database model is how the method of collecting the data is stored, managed and administered. Among them are: Read MoreThe Impact Of Internet On Our Daily Lives1540 Words   |  7 Pages The widespread use of internet in our daily lives has brought upon not just positive outcomes, but also negative outcomes an example being cybercrime. We find that the internet is the fastest growing technological infrastructure development in today’s modern world. This is evident due to the emergence of a digital platform trend. The increasing demand of the internet and computers has led to the adoption of computer technology into products that initially used to perform without theRead MoreBig Data Is A Hot Research Topic Today s World Essay2380 Words   |  10 PagesAbstract- Big data is a hot research topic in today’s world. Data has become an indispensable part of every economy, industry, organization, business function and individual. With the fast growth now-a-days organizations has filled with the collection of millions of data with large number of combinations. This big da ta challenges over business problems. Big Data is a new term used to identify the datasets that due to their large size and complexity. Big Data mining is the capability of extractingRead MoreThe Problem With Agriculture System1320 Words   |  6 Pagesdistribution system we use big data approach. Big data analytics in agriculture application provide a new insight to give advance weather decisions, improve yield productivity and avoid unnecessary cost related to harvesting, use of pesticide and fertilizers. The framework is capable of handling unstructured data as well as structured data. Keywords: Big Data; Computer Science; Data Systems; Data Analysis; Agriculture Data analytics. 1. INTRODUCTION Big Data in agriculture refers to the huge amount of dataRead MoreThe Ethics Of Collection Practices And Use Of Big Data Essay1581 Words   |  7 Pagesapplications, text messaging, and simple just walking around with a cell phone connected. This data may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and other association relating to human behavior. The creation and use of this data is what today’s society puts under the large umbrella of big data. This paper discusses the ethics of collection practices and use of big data. o Definitions ï‚ § To begin some definitions need to be established for the paper, so the reader can logically follow. ï‚ §Read MoreWhat Does It Mean For Our Privacy, And Our Wallet?1699 Words   |  7 PagesIn the past, if we wanted to purchase goods we would have to go into the store, pick up our items, pay for them and then leave. This is still possible in our society today but, we find ourselves pressured to get â€Å"savers cards.† While modern businesses, was never really able to track who we were or what we were buying in efforts to be able to better serve us and become more efficient. While it’s great for companies implementing these policies, what does this really mean for our privacy, and our walletRead MoreImproving The New Data Management Technologies And Leverage3233 Words   |  13 Pagesovercome obstacles of dealing with such large data and yet have better performance than their existing systems. Moreover, the solution that we strive to provide would be cost effective as to encourage companies to migrate to new data management technologies and leverage it to increase their business so that they could lead in today’s highly competitive world. Our solution would be highly useful for those companies which are dealing with huge volume of data and still require better performance. AlsoRead MoreSurveillance : The Act Of Surveillance1526 Words   |  7 Pages The act of Surveillance refers to continuous monitoring of activities of a particular area or a person. Mass Surveillance refers to monitoring activities of a sample population or target group. The video monitoring at malls or stores and the installed CCTV at traffic signals is also an act of mass surveillance. However, such surveillance has become important part of business operation or road safety management due to video recorded proof in case of any crime. We stand at an age where nothing

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Autism Children With Disabilities - 1264 Words

Houda Sabri Dr. Joya L. Chavarin ED 99 September 29, 2016 Autism Before the nineteenth century individuals with disabilities were often seen as burdens or victims. They were also housed in asylums and institutions isolating them from the rest of the world and treating them in a non-human manner. Fortunately, that sub-human treatment was addressed in the late nineteenth by enacting major laws such as the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) to include individuals with disabilities in the societies institutions proving them access to education and jobs and enable them to be functional in the societies through special education and accommodations. To be more clear and specific on disabilities labels, the federal government had recognized thirteen categories of disabilities determining their legal definitions and the required special education needs for each one. Autism is one of the thirteen disabilities that the federal government has acknowledge to help individuals with autism spectrum disorders be functional in the society and ensure their inclusion in the schools, institutions and the society overall. Autism is a lifetime condition. It is according to the federal law a â€Å"Developmental disability that significantly affects verbal and non-verbal communication and social interactions and adversely affects educations performances,† stated Julie Causton Theorasis in Her book The Paraprofessional Handbook for Effective Support in Inclusive Classroom. It isShow MoreRelatedThe Effects Of Autism On Children With Different Disabilities1471 Words   |  6 Pagesmiddle of the semester I was able to observe a classroom that catered to children with different disabilities and I decided to focus on the children that were showing symptoms of Autism. As I was doing my observation I noticed that the children were displaying different kinds of challenges, behaviors, and had different needs that needed to be met. With these observation I wanted to explore why that was so. What is Autism? Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interactionRead MoreThe Impact Of An Exercise On Children With Autism And Intellectual Disability : A Pilot Study2321 Words   |  10 Pages(2016). The impact of an in-class sensory activity schedule on task performance of children with autism and intellectual disability: A pilot study. British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 79(9), 530-539. Level of evidence: IIIB3b The purpose of this study was to determine whether sensory activity schedule intervention is effective in supporting participation of children with autism and if it increases their task performance in the classroom. There was no specificRead MoreEducating Special Needs Students Essay1347 Words   |  6 Pagestask of teaching children with disabilities can be even more challenging. One of the most challenging tasks that a teacher today may have to preform is effectively teaching children with disabilities. There are several types of disabilities a child may have including but not limited to intellectual disability, autism, severe disabilities, and multiple disabilities. Intellectual Disability According to the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD), an intellectualRead MoreAutism, Characteristics, And Educational Approaches When Working With An Autistic Individual1687 Words   |  7 Pagescharacteristics of exceptional children differ from the norm (either below or above) to such an extent that they require an individualized program of special education and related services to benefit from education† (Heward, 2005, p. 10). This paper will discuss autism, characteristics of autism, and educational approaches when working with an autistic individual. Definition of Autism Under IDEA there are thirteen disabilities, as autism is one of them. Autism is a well-known disability in which is vastlyRead MoreAutism Spectrum Disorder And Autism1492 Words   |  6 Pagesattention. What used to be known as Autism was later renamed in the DSM to Autism Spectrum Disorder meaning, a neurodevelopmental disorder rather than a pervasive developmental disorder (Gargiulo, 2015). Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder characterized by abnormal or impaired development in social interaction and communication and a restricted repertoire of activity and interests (Gargiulo, 2015). The IDEA describes autism as developmental disability that affects all areas of communicationRead MoreTeaching Elementary Children With Autism1638 Words   |  7 Pages(2012). Teaching Elementary Children with Autism: Addressing Teacher Challenges and Preparation Needs. Rural Educator, 33(2), 27-35. II. Problem 1. How adequate is the current teacher preparation program for preparing general education teachers for teaching children with autism? 2. Scheuermann et al asked, â€Å"If a teacher meets state standards for certification, but has no coursework in or experience with autism, is that teacher highly qualified to teach students with autism?† 3. What challenges canRead MoreDevelopmental Disabilities Are Common Among People843 Words   |  4 PagesDevelopmental disabilities are common among people. There are many different types of disabilities. One of the most common developmental disabilities is Autism. This disability is so common that chances are that everyone has come in contact with an autistic person at one point in their life. I especially became interested in learning about autism when I learned that a close family friend had an autistic child. My research focused on the history of autism and also finding the causes, symptoms, andRead MoreDiscrimination Against Autistic Patients At School And Work853 Words   |  4 Pagesthan individual merit; partiality or prejudice(â€Å"Discrimination†). Discrimination forces Autistic patients to face difficulty functioning through all aspects of life. Imagine the struggles of going through everyday life with a social or learning disability. One group that is often dis criminated against, through every part of life, is the autistic community. Autistic patients are often looked at with distaste and nervousness. When you walk into a room with an autistic person, there is often a discomfortRead MoreAutism And How Can We Help An Autistic Person? Essay1562 Words   |  7 Pagesabout Autism? Nowadays, Autism seems to be more and more common, it is essential to educate ourselves and to put aside all the prejudices that hurt people with autism and their families in the process of adapting to this syndrome. For this, it is important to know more about: What Autism is? What are the characteristics of an autistic individual? What are the causes? And how can we help an autistic person? According to the NAA (2016), Autism is a bio-neurological developmental disability that generallyRead MoreMy Reading On Reading Disabilities, And The Impact That They Have On Students Education1741 Words   |  7 Pages I wanted to learn more about reading disabilities, and the impact that they have on students’ education. I was lucky that my reading problems did not impact my education, and I was able to read very well. Reading is one of the most important skills that students learn in school. Being able to reading is paramount to student’s success throughout school and life. It is estimated that 10% to 15% of school aged children have some form of a reading disability. Reading is a complex task involving decoding

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The benefits of a well designed flat tax Free Essays

In an effort to salvage our economic system, the earned income revenue enhancement rate for all U.S. taxpayers will be 18 % . We will write a custom essay sample on The benefits of a well designed flat tax or any similar topic only for you Order Now A good designed level revenue enhancement would non merely cut down conformity and administrative costs but it would besides heighten productiveness and work inducements. In altering the revenue enhancement rate to an 18 % revenue enhancement payment program, it sets a standard payment rate for everyone alternatively of multiple revenue enhancement brackets and has the possible to cut down our state ‘s debt. The current U.S. revenue enhancement system consists chiefly of revenue enhancements on income, paysheet, gross revenues and belongings. Harmonizing to Clemson University ‘s Holley Ulbrich, in 2007, these revenue enhancements provided 92 per centum of federal income and 51 per centum of province and local authorities income ( Ulbrich 2 ) . Therefore, since income revenue enhancement is a important beginning of funding national, province and local exchequers, how it is collected is really of import. For intents of discoursing this amendment, the federal income revenue enhancement is the chief issue being discussed. State and local issues may be used as illustrations, but non in a manner that has impact on the level revenue enhancement being proposed. The proposed level revenue enhancement rate for all taxpayers will hold a positive impact on the economic system by increasing the figure of revenue enhancement returns filed, the lower costs of treating them, will promote investing and concern chances, and will increase the overall income to the authorities from higher Numberss of revenue enhancement returns being filed. Implementing a level revenue enhancement would cut down conformity and administrative costs for the authorities. Since the IRS employs over 100,000 people to treat revenue enhancement returns, simplifying the filing procedure would cut down the demand for the figure of workers to treat revenue enhancement payments and returns, which would salvage the authorities money ( Pascale ) . The current system today allows the IRS to roll up a higher per centum of net incomes as people ‘s income additions, while others pay small or no revenue enhancement at all. If everyone had to pay the same sum of revenue enhancements, the procedure of filing revenue enhancements would be easier, hence more people would register and there would be lower costs for the IRS to implement revenue enhancement filings. Harmonizing to Daniel Mitchell, holding a level revenue enhancement simplifies the procedure, makes things just and is good for growing ( 1 ) . Simplifying the revenue enhancement construction would ensue in more accurate and completed returns being filed, which would take down the costs of roll uping revenue enhancements from people who do n’t register revenue enhancement returns, therefore salvaging the IRS money. Since there are so many tax write-offs available under the current revenue enhancement construction, there are many people who file revenue enhancement returns but pay minimum federal income revenue enhancement. In add-on to the hapless, this applies to middle category and affluent people, excessively ( Bartlett 2 ) . Peoples who earn more money are able to pass more money, so, under the current system, things like purchasing places, charity contributions and stock investings can cut down the sum of revenue enhancement people pay. By change overing to a Flat Tax system, the lowest income earners in the United States would non be capable to income revenue enhancement, but the in-between category and wealthy would non be able to subtract their revenue en hancements for their places, which could go really expensive for them. Since the existent proposed level revenue enhancement collected ( 18 % ) would be well lower than their current revenue enhancement bracket ( 28 % -32 % , for illustration ) , even losing out on some tax write-offs may non hold much impact on overall revenue enhancements being paid by householders and the wealthy. Mitchell estimates that approximately 97 % of revenue enhancement returns paid would e the same or less compared to the current system. Simplifying the revenue enhancement construction should ensue in better conformity, more accurate returns being filed, and lower administrative costs, ensuing in an overall higher revenue enhancement gross base for the authorities. Adopting a level revenue enhancement for earned income would besides heighten productiveness and investing inducements for persons and concerns. By shuting loopholes and take downing rates, the efficiency of the revenue enhancement codification could increase and make more inducements for people to put With the current revenue enhancement system, some people do n’t desire to put because they ‘d be paying excessively much in revenue enhancements investings if their investings earned excessively much money. By following the level revenue enhancement, investors would hold more inducements to get down and turn concerns, every bit good as brand other investings ( Mitchell 2 ) . With a level revenue enhancement system, people will cognize the sum of revenue enhancements they owe easy and can put and salvage money more efficaciously. The level revenue enhancement encourages people to put more freely without being penalized for gaining excessively much on their investings and th erefore paying higher revenue enhancements. Converting to the level revenue enhancement system could ensue in America going a magnet for investings and new occupations. Another benefit of the level revenue enhancement would be the possible to cut down the U.S. National debt. Studies show that about 5-15 % of Americans do non pay their revenue enhancements because the revenue enhancement returns are excessively hard and excessively clip devouring to fix. With this new system, revenue enhancements become easier to finish and take less clip. Converting to a level revenue enhancement would merely necessitate two postcard-sized signifiers: one for labour income and the other for concern and capital income, which is dramatically simpler than the 893 revenue enhancement signifiers presently in usage. Since the complexness of the filing procedure would be reduced, fewer people would register extensions or avoid registering wholly. This should ensue in more people registering returns and with the simpler signifiers, the processing costs should be lower, excessively. The overall impact of more people registering revenue enhancements, coupled with decreased co sts in treating the returns, should be a dramatic addition of income for the authorities, which would let the U.S. to cut down its debt, as good. The acceptance of a level revenue enhancement is a alteration to the variable revenue enhancement construction. The beginning of income revenue enhancement on persons is by and large cited as the transition of the 16th Amendment. It was passed by Congress on July 2, 1909, and ratified February 3, 1913. Throughout history, revenue enhancements were enacted as a agency to hold the wealthiest people pay for the good of everyone else ( Pascale 1 ) . The level revenue enhancement would hold more people paying equal proportions of revenue enhancement, instead than holding the wealthiest people pay the most revenue enhancements. Other states have had success implementing a level revenue enhancement plan. The first state to follow a level revenue enhancement was Estonia in 1994, merely after the prostration of the Soviet Union. The other two states that enacted a level revenue enhancement were Latvia and Lithuania. For these states, the economic growing showed important betterment and the â €Å" Baltic Tigers † became function theoretical accounts for the part ( Mitchell 5 ) . Russia besides adopted a level revenue enhancement rate in 2001, which rapidly had positive consequences: the economic system prospered, and grosss poured into the authorities. Several other former Soviet states have followed suit and hold had good consequences. As Ahrens points out 24 states now employ a level revenue enhancement but, to be just, none of them has an economic system every bit complex as the United States. At the province degree, a new survey shows that most citizens of Utah are paying less under the province ‘s 5 per centum level revenue enhancement than they did under the old revenue enhancement system ( Bernick 1 ) . While this is non a federal income revenue enhancement illustration, it merely shows that the level revenue enhancement can profit people at the province degree. Still, the statement is that rich people are paying less revenue enhancement than they had been ( at the 7 % rate ) and that they are acquiring large revenue enhancement cuts under the new system at 5 per centum. The issue with the current revenue enhancement codification is that there are infinite loopholes and freedoms that normally end up profiting those who are in higher revenue enhancement brackets.A With this new system there are no loopholes and no one gets more benefit from it than anyone else.A The level revenue enhancement construction will besides assist people cut down the complication of fixing their revenue enhancement returns.A The end is to do revenue enhancement readyings so easy that people file their returns on a postcard.A The level revenue enhancement would profit the lower income households because families would have a generous freedom based on the household ‘s size.A A household off our would non pay any income revenue enhancement until its one-year household income exceeded $ 30,000 ( Mitchell 2 ) .A Since the lower income households would fundamentally pay no revenue enhancements, the load displacements to middle category and affluent people.A In world, this is no different than how revenue enhancements have been collected throughout history – the people who can pay supply for the people who can non.A Congressman Mike Pence said a level revenue enhancement could be a â€Å" major spot of revenue enhancement alleviation: for most Americans ( Terkel 2 ) .A The level revenue enhancement would non hold unvarying benefits, but due to its simpleness, it should hold minimum negative impact on current taxpayers. A There are several expostulations to the proposed level tax.A As Bartlett states the benefits to single taxpayers would be comparatively little – the wealthy would profit is proportionally while many in the in-between category would profit merely modestly or would even pay more taxes.A Clemson University economic science professor Holley Ulbrich besides points out † aˆÂ ¦a level revenue enhancement would switch revenue enhancement duties from the rich to the hapless, and particularly the in-between category, and extinguish desirable revenue enhancement inducements for retirement nest eggs, place ownership and charitable parts † ( Ahrens 2 ) .A â€Å" Further, in her ain article, Ulbrich points out that the attractive force of simpleness fells a large alteration in the distribution of revenue enhancements among the hapless, the in-between category, and the rich † ( Ulbrich1 ) .A The ground that it has been hard to implement a level revenue enhancement is because it ‘s difficult to happen a revenue enhancement rate that to the full satisfies everyone – neither raising nor take downing the overall revenue enhancement load ( Bartlett 1 ) .A Harmonizing to Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic Policy Research, there seems to be no grounds that a level revenue enhancement will ensue n growing or solves any current economic jobs ( Turkel 2 ) .A Those who oppose the level revenue enhancement feel that it will be a immense load to the in-between category and that it will non work out any of our current economic loads. A The U.S. authorities has many concerns with respect to roll uping revenue.A Restructuring the income revenue enhancement aggregation method to a level revenue enhancement has many advantages.A It potentially reduces the load of revenue enhancement return readying for Americans and lowers the administrative costs of treating returns by the IRS.A By doing the earned revenue enhancement rate for everyone in America 18 % and distilling the revenue enhancement returns onto postcard-sized signifiers, the procedure of revenue enhancement readying, aggregation, processing and enforcement are dramatically streamlined.A The simplified construction should increase the sum of revenue enhancements collected, cut down administrative costs, and supply better inducements for concern and investings, ensuing in a important addition of gross for the United States authorities. How to cite The benefits of a well designed flat tax, Essay examples

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Sociology My Mother Essays - Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area

Sociology My Mother Michael Myers Sociology 11:00 TTH My Brother The social forces of the world today have a tremendous impact on a persons life. Social forces can make you change the way you think, the way you act, and even your personality, especially on early teens. In some cases people dont realize it is changing them. My brother, Beau, attends school in Shawnee, Oklahoma. He is a 4.0 honor student and president of his class. He plays football, basketball, baseball, and wrestles. He is Mr. Popular amongst his fellow classmates, but on February 5, 1999 this would all change. Beau was wrestling at a tournament in Sulfur, Oklahoma on February 5, 1999. He had made it to the championship match later that evening. The match was going well. Beau was ahead 5 to 3 until disaster struck. Billy Thompson, the person my brother was wrestling, had Beau in a headlock. Beau then put his foot behind Billys feet in order to trip him, but Billy held on. My brother landed on the top of his head breaking his neck between the first and second vertebrae. Imminently he was rushed to the nearby hospital in Sulfur. The radiologist said he had a strained neck muscle and sent him home in a soft collar brace. The next day Beau went to the doctor in Shawnee and she imminently referred him to the neurosurgeon in Oklahoma City, Dr. Hisie. Dr. Hisie found the break and scheduled a surgery. The surgery lasted about 4 hours. They took bone off of Beaus him and fused the vertebrae together. After 4 months in a neck restraint, they realized that the fusion did not work. They attempted the same surgery again, but this time putting him in a halo. After another 4 month the fusion had worked. Beau then went through 6 months of physical therapy before he was able to play sports again. Altogether the process took about 2 years. He now is starting practice for the basketball team in Shawnee. After Beau broke his neck, Beau got a lot of sympathy for family and friends. As time grew on, since he couldnt do anything, his friends grew apart from him. They kind of cased him aside and he was left all alone. The once Mr. Popular was not the person who sat at home a grieved for himself. Society cased him out and he felt like the smallest person on the earth. His attitude went down the drain and he went into a state of depression. He never wanted to go outside in fear of being made fun of. He basically went into a shell and almost never came out. This was caused, in part, due to American culture. Our culture, nowadays, loves sports. The next generation is brought up loving sports. Beau grew up loving wrestling knowing the risk and the probiblity of him, or anyone in that matter, of getting injured. Americans love sports weather its football, baseball, hockey, or any American sport. We all know that injuries occur in sports, but yet we still play them due to our culture. Once he g ot the halo off, he started going out with friends again and having fun. Society had excepted him back in and he kind of got back into American culture. Beau was very lucky that this had happened. Many people go into a state of depression and never get out. My brother is the most influential person I have ever known. His will to never let society get the best of him is unmatchable, in my mind. I love my brother with all my heart and I will always look up to him for being so courageous. One more thing I forgot to mention, My brother, Beau, is twelve years old. Bibliography none

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THE MODELS OF POLITICS IN THE essays Politics, have always existed since the dawn of time, they exist because people argue and disagree, about how they should live, who should govern over whom and how power is distributed or monopolised. We all have different views/beliefs/opinions that we believe to be true and right and the act of reconciling between these differences and bringing these different believes and views together is politics, although this definition itself is political, as there is no true definition of politics for we all see it and define it from different angles and perspectives. This is always a point of debate as it is in politics, which are all about debate. There are 2 main models of politics that are widely known which are in themselves not concrete, politics as a creative compromise and politics as a struggle for power, each have their arguments as to which is viable and productive. This essay will briefly explain and analyse both models of politics while referencing champions of each model with historical background of where each model originated. The next step will be to decide and choose which model is most workable explanation while looking and relating it to an example from the world today. In conclusion it will objectively analyse the chosen model and close the argument. Politics stem from society; it sees politics as a humane and courageous activity. It links politics to society and argues that society needs order and security and this is hard to achieve due to the fact that society is consists of many groups with different ideals, ideologies and opinions which leads to argument and often conflict, this model tells us that politics comes to prevent this, in creative compromise politics are about the bringing together of many opinions and views and reaching a compromise that benefits all. ...For politics represent at least some tolerance of differing truths... Bernard Crick, in defence of politics. It is also about the sha...

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SSAT Test Dates Complete Guide to Choosing (2017, 2018)

SSAT Test Dates Complete Guide to Choosing (2017, 2018) SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips When are the upcoming SSAT test dates? How often is this test administered?Students hoping to attend private schools often need to take the SSAT, and since this test is only given a few times a year, it’s important to know SSAT test dates so you can register early enough to ensure you get a spot. In this guide, we have a chart of the upcoming SSAT test dates which makes it easy to see when you can take the test and when you need to register. We also give tips on test fees, explain what to expect on test day, and give advice on when you should take the SSAT. When Are Upcoming SSAT Test Dates? The SSAT is administered eight times during a school year (August 1 - July 31).Middle and Upper versions of the test (for students in grades 5 through 11) are given on every test date, but the Elementary-level SSAT (for students in grades 3 and 4) isn’t administered on the October or November dates. Below is a chart of recent and upcoming SSAT dates and the registration deadlines for each.You should register for the SSAT at least three weeks before the exam date to avoid late fees.You can register for the SSAT up to three days before the exam, but you’ll end up paying $45 to $85 in late fees, depending on how late you register. SSAT Exam Date Regular Registration Deadline Late Registration Begins ($45 fee) Rush Registration Begins ($85 fee) Last Day for Registration Oct. 14, 2017* Sep. 23, 2017 Sep. 24, 2017 Oct. 1, 2017 Oct. 11, 2017 Nov. 11, 2017* Oct. 21, 2017 Oct. 22, 2017 Oct. 29, 2017 Nov. 8, 2017 Dec. 9, 2017 Nov. 18, 2017 Nov. 19, 2017 Nov. 26, 2017 Dec. 6, 2017 Jan. 6, 2018 Dec. 16, 2017 Dec. 17, 2017 Dec. 24, 2017 Jan. 3, 2018 Feb. 3, 2018 Jan. 13, 2018 Jan. 14, 2018 Jan. 21, 2018 Jan. 31, 2018 March 3, 2018 Feb. 10, 2018 Feb. 11, 2018 Feb. 18, 2018 Feb. 28, 2018 April 21, 2018 March 31, 2018 April 1, 2018 April 8, 2018 April 18, 2018 June 9, 2018 May 19, 2018 May 20, 2018 May 27, 2018 June 6, 2018 * No Elementary-Level SSAT testing on these dates If your student needs additional testing accommodations or needs to take the SSAT on a Sunday due to religious reasons, you can apply for testing accommodations.You’ll need to apply at least four weeks before the desired test date and have any requested materials submitted at least two weeks before the test date. What to Expect on SSAT Test Day Once you figure out your SSAT test date, there’s still more work to do! In this section we discuss all the info you need to be prepared on exam day. Where Are SSAT Exams Usually Held? SSAT exams are typically held at private schools and sometimes designated test centers.When you register for the SSAT, you’ll see a list of test center locations nearest to you, with the closest location at the top of the list. What Happens on Test Day? Most exams begin at 9:00AM, but you should double-check your admission ticket to be sure this is the case for the exam you register for.Be sure to arrive at the testing location at least 30 minutes early.The Elementary-Level test is about 110 minutes long, while the Middle and Upper-Level SSATs are about 170 minutes long. The Elementary-Level test includes one break, while the Middle and Upper-Level tests have two breaks. To learn more about what the SSAT tests and the types of questions you can expect, check out our in-depth guide to the SSAT. What Should You Bring to the SSAT? On test day remember to bring the following: Your SSAT admission ticket Sharpened #2 pencils An eraser That’s all you’ll need during the test! When Should You Take the SSAT? The most important factor for deciding when to take the SSAT is the admissions deadline of the school(s) you’re applying to.Scores are sent about two weeks after the SSAT exam dates, so be sure to choose an exam date that’s at least two weeks before the admission deadline. If possible, you may want to choose a test date later in the school year so your child has time to learn more and possibly score higher on the SSAT.Remember, the SSAT you register for is the one for the grade your child is currently in, not the grade they’ll be entering next year. Recap: Choosing SSAT Dates It’s important to know SSAT test locations and dates well before exam day so that you can register in time and meet the deadlines of the school(s) you’re applying to.The SSAT is administered eight times a year, typically at private schools. SSAT Testing dates are pretty consistent, so you can predict future test dates based on the upcoming SSAT dates in our chart.Most SSAT tests begin at 9AM and last between two and three hours. You should pick your test date primarily on the application deadlines of the schools you’re applying to. SSAT test dates later in the year may give your child time to learn more material and earn a higher score. What's Next? Want to learn more about what's covered on the Elementary, Middle, and Upper-level tests? Then be sure to readour complete guide to the SSAT. Looking for free materials to use for SSAT practice? We've gathered links to the best free SSAT practice tests here. Now you know when the SSAT is offered, but how do you register?Learn all the info you need to know in our step-by-step guide to SSAT registration. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points?We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:

Monday, February 17, 2020

Statistical Parameters of the Company ABC Essay - 3

Statistical Parameters of the Company ABC - Essay Example As the paper stresses, sales in the second quarter in every year decreased with respect to the first quarter; however, it kept growing in q3, and q4. This implies the seasonal influence on sales of this product. Nevertheless, the general trend of sales per year demonstrates growth, which is also confirmed by the mean and median values displayed in Table 1 and Figure 3. Percentile and Quartile Comparison of Sales. The data set consists of 20 values. The company achieved 25 percentile in the fourth quarter of 2000; 50 percentile in the second quarter of year 2003, and 75 percentile in the third quarter of 2003. The study reveals that it took 14 quarters to achieve first 50 percentile while the company achieved the second 50 percentile in 6 quarters. The growth should be considered as fast starting from the year 2003. In this year, the company achieved 17% growth in the third quarter with respect to second quarter. The sample data set consists of 30 values and it shows a trend of sales through five years. The aforementioned section provided an analysis of past trend, which are displayed in tables and graphs. This section focuses on the evaluation of quarterly sales for the next two years based on the history of previous sales. The future sales prediction is performed using regression analysis and time series technique. Regression Analysis. Regression analysis prediction is based on the interdependency of two variables; one is independent and the other is dependent. In this study, sales are the dependent variables that follow a seasonal trend, which is displayed in Figure 5. The seasonal trend in this analysis is considered as independent variable.